Fun and creative way to practice math skills while solving the mystery of what food or foods are making party guest sick. Designed as part of a mystery illness unit for learning about medical diagnosis, this activity can be used individually or in conjunction. 
  • Teacher’s Guide (4 pages)
  • How to Calculate Attack Rate Guide Card (4 cards on 1 page)
  • PowerPoint Lesson on Epidemiology & Calculating Attack Rates with Practice of a Sampling of Attack Rate Cards (33 slide)
  • 4 Separate PowerPoints reviewing ALL Attack Rate Cards by Type (9 to 19 slides each)
  • 32 – 1 food item Attack Rate Cards
  • 8 – 2 food items Attack Rate Cards
  • 8 – 3 food items Attack Rate Cards
  • 8 – Event Menu Attack Rate Cards
  • 5 – Attack Rate Charts Worksheets for use with different AR card sets.
  • PDFs of ALL 6 PowerPoints – individual slide per card
  • Full set of JPEG images of Attack Cards for use in school’s secure educational portal.
  • Answer Keys to activity cards (7 pages)
This activity is part our Disease Detectives’ Mystery Illness Investigation series.
Great supplemental task cards for PLTW Medical Detectives Gateway course.
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10 reviews for Disease Detectives: Calculating Food Poisoning Attack Rate

  1. Jonathon G.

    I used this for a medical detectives elective and the students did a food toxin lesson. This was very helpful for them to understand and calculate attack rates. It definitely helped them before we did a lab and they were able to use the skills to determine which toxin infected certain people.

  2. Brooke T.

    This was so fun to use during my summer school CSI class. There are a lot of things in this file so you can easily spend multiple days on it.

  3. RayLynn D.

    This was a perfect addition to my PLTW Mdical Detective classes. I needed some additional attack rate scenarios and this met all my needs and had many scenarios to choose from.

  4. Ashley C.

    This resource was awesome for giving my students tons of practice with calculating attack rates. Great for repetitive practice.

  5. Molly G.

    I used this is PLTW-Medical Detectives. The Medical Detectives curriculum only has one practice activity for calculating attack rates, and I found that my students needed a little more assistance with the concept than one practice activity. This was engaging for them, and we used the task cards in a game of scoot, which they enjoyed.

  6. Judy S.

    This was used during summer school. Students enjoyed the activity and worked great in small groups.

  7. Geoklectic

    My students enjoyed this.

  8. Stephanie S.

    Kids in my PLTW Medical Detects class really were engaged and enjoyed these activities…

  9. Steven L.

    We are just starting to use this resource and the students are highly motivated and engaged. Thank you.

  10. Kim T.

    Great resource! Students loved it. Looking forward to more from this seller!

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