A collage of children doing science experiments.

My Teaching Philosophy, Methodology & STEAM


As a constructivist, I strongly believe students learn best by experiencing the content. Reading informs, and pictures provide imagery. The "action" is where the deeper learning occurs. Action imprints and generates questions. While my students are exploring, they use critical thinking and deductive reasoning, collaborate, and make decisions. My style and approach to teaching allow students to acquire the 21st-century skills they will need in the real world for whatever career path they choose.

Instructional Method

In my 16 years of teaching, I have never been a traditional reading-writing-worksheet type of teacher. I am a more build it, light it on fire, blow it up, cut it open, see what happens (safely, of course) kind of teacher. I strive to bring science to life for my students. I don't just demonstrate for them to watch. I put the science in their hands. I work to provide my students with authentic opportunities where they step into science-based career roles as they investigate, problem-solve, experiment, and draw conclusions. I am a student-centric, step-back and support, facilitative type of teacher. I put my students in the driver's seat with choice, technology integration, differentiation, and investigating the unfamiliar.

A woman is writing on paper and a boy is playing with his phone.
A group of children with pens and pencils.

Students Today Were Born to Steam

Students love to be active! They love to create and use their hands. Students love to see their learning come alive as well as how it relates to their world. Today's students are not geared to sit at their desks all day doing bookwork and worksheets. They are a generation of doers, investigators, designers, and creators.