Videos of Learning with Dr. Yemothy

A Quick Glimpse Into Dr. Y's Classroom

Virtual visit across the PLTW Medical Detectives and Flight & Space curriculum taught by Dr. Yemothy to middle schoolers (6th-8th) in Easley, South Carolina.

Connecting Education to the Real World

Students in Gettys Middle School's Project Lead the Way Flight and Space course took to the sky in a hot air balloon to begin learning the basics of flight!

Full Steam Ahead Exploring Science History

Quick 3-minute walk down the hall viewing two student-created timelines. First Flight & Space and second Medicine & Forensics, created by Middle School students for a collaborative class project.

Published Activities & Publications

Digital resource store where teachers can find engaging student-centric middle school science and math activities created by a veteran, award-winning STEM teacher. Activities focus on putting the learning in students' hands with labs, paper model-making, task cards, and games.

Fun Foldable Projects for Young Scientists

Designed by a teacher for teachers, making science fun for all. Foldable activities appeal to multiple intelligences and learning styles. Fun Foldable Projects for Young Scientists is full of lesson activities in line with National Science standards for middle and junior high schools, grades 6-9.

ISBN: 1427621934 @2007 Link

Triple a of Science

A collection of creative assignments and activities to engage all types of learners utilizing critical thinking, creative thought processes, decision-making, and hands-on desk work.

ISBN: 1427626901 @2007

Dissertation: Improving Educational Technology Integration in the Classroom

This study investigated the technology integration barriers that educators faced, the training the educators received, and the support needs of educators at a large, prominent, 30-year-old international school located in Central America offering grades Pre-K 3 to 12.