Inquiring minds want to know – What trace evidence was found? What is that white powder? What are those different clear liquids?

This hands-on inquiry activity is designed to put the students in the driver’s seat as the work to identify what powder or liquid is in the evidence bag.

Student execute a lab experiment to cause a color change reaction using Universal Indicator solution. Students have to make pre-testing observations, test the substances and solution, make observation, record reactions, and then thei deductive reasoning skills and their Known Substances information card to identify the Unknown Powder or Liquid.

The lab works using acid and base level reactions to a universal indicator. Universal Indicator can be bought or made. This activity is an instruciton guide only and provides information on how to prepare, execute, clean up, and grade the activty.

Great for Forensic UNKNOWN investigation units, Science Acid / Base units, and Elementary Science Inquiry unit lessons.

All materials and supplies used in this lab can be found in a typical classroom and/or bought in your local store. No special science equipment needed. The univeral indicator can be bought or homemade. Results of lab will vary but this activity guide covers those details as well as links to find supplies online at affordable pricing.

Download included Teacher Prep Guide, Student Response Sheets, and Unknown Characteristics Guide Card with Color Result images for student use.


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