3, 2, 1 …. Launch… Launch into aviation for fun with your students as they use tissue paper and a glue stick to build a 2-level tetrahedral kite that can really fly. Check out the preview images.

This packet included everything you need to be ready to build tetrahedral kits with your students. Just add tissue paper, string, glue sticks, and a straws. Student action sheets can be printed, laminated, and used for repeative builds. Tissue paper skin template included.

This is a HOW TO GUIDE with teacher prep and does NOT include the supplies or materials needed to build the actual kite. Teacher guide provides guidence of supply sourcing materials.

Activity Cost: Consumbable materials when purchased in bulk from Amazon costs less than 66 cents per kite There is NO specialized equipment needed to fly the kites. However, kites will fly INDOORS through use of an indoor fan.

Included with this activity is a teacher guide with prep plans, supply sources, timeline for constructing the hot air balloon, and STEP by STEP guide for students to follow.

This activity typically take a week to complete. Given age and skill abilities of students, it can take a day less or a few days more. Teacher guide section outlines a week’s schedule and provides prep notes. Kites can be individually build by a single student or in partners. If wanting larger groups for building, consider adding a 3rd level (6 more pyramids). See the teacher guide for extention information and increase in supplies needed and estimated cost.


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