Fun logic puzzle that gets your students thinking outside the box. Great for back to school, new classes, school days before and after breaks, and during testing season.

Great tactile hands-on brain game for students of all ages. Prefect for teaching problem solving, team work, spatial thinking, geometrical shapes for math, and more. Tangrams are a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes which can be “put together” to form people, building, animals, and geometric shapes.

This tangram activity contains: 12 tangram puzzles sheets with a 5 inch tangram and a puzzle goal (each sheet has a different shape goal), 12 tangram task cards, 12 solution cards, and a large 8 inch puzzle.

Puzzle Shapes included: Lion, Camel, Scalleywag, Chicken, Cat, Goldfish, Beta Fish, Duck, Rocket Ship, Houseboat, Classic Boat, Dancer, and Person Sitting.

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