Who doesn’t love a fun social game of BINGO??? I know your kids will love our LAB EQUIPMENT & LAB SAFETY themed vocabulary game!

Perfect for brain break game, substitute needs, vocabulary review, and fun Fridays. Your students will have fun without realizing they are learning.

Great classroom or small group activity to engage learners while focusing on unit vocabulary focused on LAB EQUIPMENT & LAB SAFETY. Set to US Science standard for vocabulary. Works for middle and high school courses.

Perfect for review activity, fun Fridays, or an emergency lessons filler.

Designed for grades, 6 to 12, our Working in the Lab Bingo game includes:

  • 36 non-repeating student bingo boards
  • 54 calling cards with image, term, and definition
  • Printer friendly using black and white print as well as grayscale images.

Term used randomly across the 36 student bingo boards include terms: Alcohol Lamp, Beaker, Bunsen Burner, Burnett Clamp, Candle, Corrosive Hazard, Crucible & Lid, Dissecting Kit, Dropper Bottle, Electrical Hazard, Erlenmeyer Flask, Evaporating Dish, Explosive Hazard, Eye Dropper, Eye Wash Station, Filter Paper, Fire Blanket, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Hazard, Forceps, Fumes Hazard, Funnel, Graduated Cylinder, Heat Source, Hot Plate, Lab Apron, Lab Coat, Litmus Paper, Magnifying Glass, Match or Igniter, Measuring Tape, Mechanical Balance, Microscope Slides, Monocular Microscope, Mortar & Pestle, Petri Dishes, Precision Balance, Radioactive Hazard, Rubber Safety Gloves, Ruler or Meter Stick, Safety Goggles, Sharps Hazard, Spring Scale, Stereo Microscope, Stoppers, Test Tube Brush, Test Tube Holder, Test Tube Tongs, Test Tubes, Thermometer, Tongs, Toxic Hazard, Triple Beam Balance, and Watch Glass

It is strongly recommended to print calling cards on card stock and laminating them for reuse. Lamination of the player sheet is also recommended for reuse if desired. 


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