A constructivist approach to learning science concepts and systems. Designed with classroom teachers in mind, this Inside the Earth model maker is an easy to use project that is great for class work, homework, and mini assessments. Includes samples of student work to see concept and ideas, images are not answer keys.

Model explores the layers of the EARTH and it’s components.¬†Finished size is 7 inch in diameter.

  • Appropriate for grade levels 5 to 9.
  • Ideal for classroom activity or project assignment.
  • Supplies needed are scissors, coloring utensils and glue.

Aligns with Common Core Standards for Earth Science – SPI 7.7.4¬†Differentiate among the characteristics of the earth’s three layers

Aligns with South Carolina Science Standards Р8.E.5A.3 Obtain and communicate information about the relative position, density, and composition of Earth’s layers to describe the crust, mantle, and core.


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12 reviews for 3D Model Maker: Inside the Earth

  1. Michelle G.

    I used this with my 8th grade Earth Science class. The students were engaged and enjoyed a break from normal lecture. Many of the students created beautiful models when completed. It was the lead in to our discussion of Life on Earth, how is it Possible? and the Earth’s layers section of BJU Earth Science chapter 4.

  2. Anna M.

    My students enjoyed colouring in their notes and seeing the different layers of the earth visually with this product.

  3. Valerie D.

    My students did like this map a lot. It was a great visual for them when we studied the inside of the Earth.

  4. Faith P.

    I liked the graphics of this resource and the multiple variations of this resource. It was simple but complete and I like resources the children color as I feel it cements it more in their mind.

  5. Hunter C.

    My students loved using this resource. They were engaged and had no trouble following the directions. The resource was easy to use and prepare for.

  6. Kaleigh E.

    I thoroughly enjoyed incorporating this resource in my classroom and instruction. My students also enjoyed it! Thank you!

  7. Delaney M.

    My students enjoyed doing this, the first disk has a lot of stuff we didn’t do in my class (like labeling the continents and the type of water) so I had students skip that but the rest was good and it was fun to display them in my room.

  8. Marie F.

    This was a good resource to provide students with a 3d model. We watched additional informative internet clips and added information to the model.

  9. Mrs Pender’s Adventures

    I love using this resource for studying the layers of the earth – both physical and chemical. Each year, my students create this 3-D foldable for their notebooks. I have modified the original so that the chemical layers and physical layers are both identified. Students are instructed to not only color but to research and write the depth of the layers on the chemical layers and to identify the dominant elements contained in each layer. Then, for the physical layers, the students research and write the physical characteristics of each layer such as the temperature, type of movement, etc. On the first page of the foldable (the Earth drawing), I have them add details

  10. Donna L.

    My students respond to new learning when it is presented with a multisensory approach. This project is that and more. They continued to keep the finished project visible to reference as the unit progressed. Thank you for your creativity.

  11. Kate W

    I was looking for a simple, yet hands-on activity or model to show students earth’s layers to understand plate movement a little better. This did the trick! Thanks!

  12. Oliver B.

    Students LOVED having a 3D model of the Earth’s layers! They liked even better thst they got to make it themselves! It was a great visual for my students who need extra support or visuals.

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